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Our future doesn’t look upto plastic, the generation of paper bags is already taking over the industries. We print the most high quality ones, give it a try.

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Everyday we dump tonnes of garbage and debris into earth. Some toils the soil and others reach our ocean. The alarming rate at which things are happening is a situation to be in panic. We need to change our habits and listen to the need of the hour to protect our earth. But how do we do it? The majority of these pollutants are of plastic. So stop using plastic bags and switch to paper bags. Credence is a small initiative to help the earth feel better. We at Credence supplies all kinds of paper bags. We also offer high profile kraft bags and ordinary cloth (cotton) bags. We deliver bags in a variety of colours, size and patterns. If you don’t have a specific design, don’t worry, we will get it done for you. If you have a specific design or logo, we responsibly handle that too.

We manufacture bags from Delhi. We also have units in Kerala. Our paper bags are made from renewable resources. Its ecofriendly and recyclable. We comply all environmental rules and policies. The retail industry is revolutionizing, so is its packaging. That’s why we offer great delivery rates for bulk supplies. Our product is of impeccable quality that’s why we have a happy customer lineage spreading across Kannur, Kerala. So what are you waiting for, make your move and create your bags now. We are looking out to hear from you.

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